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Wednesday, September 21, 2005


A very short post this am since I'm running late. Tools -- how do you write? Pencil and paper, pen and paper longhand? Typing on an AlphaSmart? Desktop only or laptop only or both? I have desktop and laptop and type on them according to mood, whether I think I'll be distracted by the net (the laptop has no net access) and how messy my u-shaped desk is. Right now I have Diva sitting staring at me waiting for her food. Definitely clutters up the desk.

Keep your tools in working order. I thought of this because I have to take my laptop into the shop. The "k" key is sticking. This is not good when you are writing about a Kitten Fam named GreyKu. Oh, and I have to take Diva into the vet, too -- she's part of my inspiration and she has a wet cough.

Also, do you know (or make) macros that save you time? Wordperfect has one I LOVE called SAVTOA (which I've modified with various success to SAVTOE or SAVTOF) where you press one icon and the program saves your work to your hard drive and a diskette/flash drive. It's one of those "extra" macros that isn't installed regularly but hides out on the "custom" part of the install program...sorry if I'm not describing this right. I HAVE to run.

Take care and GOOD WRITING, (hmmm, I think I should add a little blessing every day) You all deserve it, and I do, too!


Anonymous Danica said...

That SAVTOA thing sounds cool. I need to investigate it.

3:46 PM  
Blogger Jeri said...

I'm a laptop junkie, but I can use paper and pen(cil) in a pinch, especially to make notes. If I write a whole scene by hand, though, it fleshes out a lot when I type it, as if parts of my creativity were blocked during the pen phase.

Cat is an essential piece of equipment. Heavy preference for sleeping cat, however, not gnawing-on-paper cat.

Anyone know anyone who uses an AlphaSmart? The idea is intriguing.

4:15 PM  
Blogger Robin D Owens said...

Danica, it's on your WordPerfect disk under macros, you just have to copy it over.

Jeri, I would imagine that if you were transcribing the scene to another notebook, you'd still flesh it out. I think that's innate with a writer -- like from first draft to second.

Also, a lot of people on my lists use AlphaSmarts, they're tough, run forever and quite portable. For me the problem is that I like to look at a lot of text as part of my process. Old Alphas only gave you a few lines, I think the new ones are up to a short paragraph.

6:41 AM  

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