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Monday, October 03, 2005


We all need bios -- from 250 words to 30. Archon took the following off my website (which was fine, though outdated...note to self, new bio on website...). That's 2 bits of advice -- do multiple bios and keep them up to date on your website.

Now, being a fragile-egoed author, I immediately turned to make sure I was listed in the program book, and there I was! Opposite what I, as a girly-girl, consider a grisly drawing (see below). After a couple of moments of thought, I figured out that I could use it to introduce myself, so I did..

At the first panel I said, "Since this is my first time here and I have a fragile ego, I immediately turned to make sure I was listed in the program book. And found out I'm next to a drawing of a warrior woman holding a severed head. Being a girly girl I said "eeew." I want to say that none of my heroines have ever decapitated a man. Well, it might not be a man. It might be a monster, and in that case, Alexa, in Guardian of Honor has probably done that by now. But offstage! I want to assure you, the most gruesome act one of my heroines has ever done was reach into a chest and rip out a heart." I ended (virtuously).

Drawing is COPYRIGHTED by Mitch Foust http://www.pmkane.com/mitch/
May you write great battle or love or dialogue or action scenes today!
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Blogger moonhart said...

ROTFL! Robin, you are so funny!

This started my day off with a laugh!



9:01 AM  
Blogger CE Murphy said...

*laugh*! You rock, Robin. :)

12:20 PM  

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