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Thursday, October 06, 2005

Be In A Book! Unique Contest.

It's October, and I have an article on my new Web Community, Access Romance, in the Tell Tale Section -- see link above. It's a little bit about World Building, and pretty much about Fams and companion animals that I use in my books as comic relief, tricksters, mentors and companions.

There's three questions asking for your opinions at the end of the article, and #3 is a contest -- yes, there's a hitch. You have to sign up for my infrequent newsletter (it says quarterly and it's about that, I don't want to impose...). BUT, YOU GET TO TELL ME A NAME OF A STREET, RIVER, ETC. TO BE A PERMANENT PART OF CELTA. Or, I really need the name of a murder victim...

Writing fantasy means you make up worlds. If you spend any time at all with them, you need to name the mountains (Hard Rock), Oceans (Great Platte), Rivers (Huckleberry Finn). And there's usually more land than names. As with any research I only do as much as I need to for the current book, because otherwise I get sucked in and days later the map is great but the words are not written...

Right now I'm filling in the west part of one continent on Celta, so there's plenty of space to play with. So, go, read the article. Think of what you'd like to see on Celta, and submit it!

BTW, for those of you who don't regularly visit my website =:O (more on the update tomorrow), here's a map of Celta for you.

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May worlds and writing be solid and RIGHT for you today.

Love to all Robin
(and Heaven knows what keywords will be spam magnets today)...


Anonymous a reader said...

Since the ancient Celt World took most of Spain, France and up North. You can use old geographical names from these two countries that are not so common in English. Lots of pre-latin names. You would enjoy the exploring.In Spain: Galicia (in the south of Russia Galitzia) Adormidera, mandragora, dulcamara, estramonio; the best "opium" and white poppies sent to Rome were from the Iberian peninsula. Lots to find in France too.
Oh well have fun and thanks for sharing with all os us.

7:43 PM  
Blogger Robin D Owens said...

That's a WONDERFUL idea. I have some Celtic music from Spain and Brittany and can listen to those (or look at the names of the groups) and use them, too!


8:34 PM  

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