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Friday, January 22, 2010

Magic MUST Cost

I recently read a book where magic had no cost, no exhaustion from teleporting across continents, no headaches on doing/receiving mind probes, nothing.

The "world building" irritated me no end and I think that this writer is not a big paranormal or fantasy writer, which made me wonder why he/she attempted such a book.

Like every other endeavor magic MUST have a cost. If it doesn't why is it interesting?
Did these people have never-ending physical reserves (they were fighting villains too)?

I still don't get it, much of the book escaped me. If I ran a sprint, it costs me...in energy, in panting breath, maybe a stitch in my side. If I concentrated on revising a document, it costs me, eye strain, dull brain, tension in my shoulders. If I have a conflict with another person, it costs me -- upset stomach, perhaps tears, a lowness of spirit.

That's physical, mental, emotional effort and the costs, why should magic be different?

And yes, a second "rule" I hold dear to my heart was broken, magic took care of the villain.

Read in your genre, know the techniques of your genre.

May you enjoy all you read today.


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