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Friday, January 15, 2010

P/TT/F/F - Contests

I have a friend who is an avid reader and for the first time she has hooked up with "reader judged" contests. She got an email last week confirming that she was judging a panel of books in P/TT/F/F. She didn't know what that meant so I told her: Paranormal/Time Travel/Fantasy/Futuristic category.

Which has always been the tough part of my writing. Both unpublished and published. Except for the Futuristic/Fantasy and Paranormal Chapter of RWA, this category isn't broken out. So when I enter my work, my Celta and Summoning books are competing with ghosts and werewolves and vampires and women who find love in early Scotland or Regency England etc.

My Luna books COULD be considered as Single Title with romantic elements (since the romance isn't front and center), but then I also compete with women's fiction and contemporary romantic suspense.

But this is what I understand when I enter...so...in any event I am entering more, now, to make readers aware of my books and my backlist than to win (and if you believe that...but it's mostly true).

So may you know what you want today and get it!


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