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Tuesday, January 05, 2010

A Villain's Measure / Heroines Save Themselves

If you're writing for women and fantasy, romantic sf, or romance, the measure of a villain should be the heroine's ability to barely beat him. She should have the courage and strength she develops in her character arc through the story to win -- to face the evil and triumph. Growing and winning against great odds is the emotional payoff for the reader.

I recently read a story where the heroine was saved by her male hero bodyguard and it left me very dissatisfied. The thing is, the author set up in the story that the heroine had an untapped, repressed great rage. I expected that she'd learn to harness and release this rage, then grow, in the fight with the villain. This didn't happen. If she had anger in the latter half of the book, it was never addressed. So I believe the author, and her editor(s) didn't do right by the story.

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