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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Current Research Passion

As you might have recalled, I did quite a bit of research earlier on tectonic plates and Earthquakes (and if you haven't donated to relief for Haiti, please do so).

Currently I am (in Enchanted No More), in the Earth Palace which is near Yellowstone. Yellowstone itself has had about 14 minor quakes over the last week from 1.8 to 3.1 (as of last night, didn't check today). I have a little app on my itouch that checks this for me.

And above is the live webcam of Old Faithful. Right now it is too dark to see anything since dawn has not arrived (coming up here, but we're south).

So until I move to the lost coast of California in the book, I'll be watching the mammouth mud pots and old faithful.

Naturally I checked out going to Yellowstone (it's near to the time of the book), and Northumberland, England (though most of those scenes took place inside), and would love to head to California...someday I'll have enough dough to check out my settings beforehand.

May you enjoy windows into other places/worlds today.


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