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Sunday, July 26, 2009

Worldbuilding Rules & Revelation, Snap, Summoning

I don't know that I've ever spoken about this. But in the Summoning books, I DID have rules for the "Snap," that moment when the Earth women can decide whether they can return to Earth or stay in Lladrana.

And I made sure that I followed those rules. I had meant to lay it all out in book six/five (not that it would take too long), but it didn't seem to fit with the flow of the story.

So here it is (and if I've spoken about this, I'm sorry, I was thinking of worldbuilding rules last night):

The Snap occurs AFTER the Exotique has finished her particular task AND when she is experiencing emotional turmoil.

That's it.

Enjoy whatever rules you play by today.


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