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Monday, July 27, 2009

Back Cover Copy -- Heart Journey

I spent this morning working on the back cover copy for Heart Journey. Which was due LAST Thursday. I mis-read/thought the message was about Heart Change, and didn't really understand it until last night and realized I'd screwed up.

So I spent this morning's word wars rewriting the copy to be a little punchier and actually include a hint of the plot.

I'll post here after a while, but I am not even done with the book, so it seems odd to be talking about the copy...

Anyway, I am not pleased with what is happening in the book (need more tension), and am hoping to really dig into it this week...though brother continues to work around the house and I find that very distracting.

So...Writing Advice for the day -- it appears that Heart Journey will be out in August of 2010 (unless I turn it in early, if I can, then it might get scheduled earlier). So it is 13 months out and I've done info on the cover and the back cover copy.

May you enjoy all your projects today.


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