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Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Unpublished work -- Pitch for Shades of Honor

All right, I called this book Sapphires and Emeralds. It's a paranormal twin book (obviously not the only twin book I've ever done). I haven't looked at it lately to see if it's salvageable, and I actually don't think I would ever be able to judge it.

My first agent (who shall remain nameless) made me rewrite and rename the thing. Some of the scenes were over the top, she said. Maybe for then, but I'm not sure for now. But I think the twin telepathic speak MIGHT have been confusing...and the twin switching. Sometimes things DO get too complex in my work.

Anyway, here's the pitch:

Shades of Honor is a historical romance set in Regency England in which a set of identical twins realize they are engaged to the wrong men. While they are trying to sort out the tangle, the twins' uncle suffers a fatal "accident" and a priceless set of sapphires and emeralds are found missing. The search for the jewels and the search for true love are intermixed with danger and death before the twins triumph.

I DO recall that I absolutely LOVED this hero, Tor, probably a precursor of T'Ash. This was in my stage of having outwardly scarred characters. Tor was missing an eye and a little finger and had a limp (was injured during the battle at Ciudad Rodrigo). The secondary hero (Fisk? Flynn? something with an F) was a smooth type, rather like Ruis or Faucon.

It was historical lite, not much history in it at all, just the Regency stage setting.

May you enjoy your memories today.


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