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Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Karvel, Romantic Times

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Well, once again it was like opening a vein to write today. The last few weeks have been full of challenging moments to overcome and write and today was no exception. But enough whining, did that yesterday.

Karvel Kon (my CREATIVITY WEEKEND), is next week and I made my hotel reservations today, paid the final bit on my membership to Romantic Times next month. I'll be at RT in Pittsburgh April 14-20 (I think, I go on a Tuesday and come back Sunday am).

Right after Karvel, on the Monday after Easter, is a trip my Mom and brother and I scheduled last month to take care of some business, so I'll be gone for about 6 days, I lined up my petsitter yesterday for both trips.

Here's the scoop on Karvel Kon. I rescued cardboard for my costume, and will have to scrape the rust off of my foil (sword). I'm hoping the art box has stencils, otherwise I'll buy some at the wonderful drugstore there. I already have my art piece in mind, hope that's not cheating, but I need to set up my new printer/scanner to do it...that should happen this week. All right, enough rambling.


Arrrrghhhh, maties, this is gonna be fun!


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