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Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Writing Through Distractions and Time Change

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I lost Tommy this morning. As soon as I was done with my wordcount (which took a while this morning). I decided to walk down to Heidi's Deli and get one of their huge loafs of ciabotta since I was out of bread. Told Mistral and Tommy good-bye, left him sitting at the top of the stairs.

When I came back, there was no Tommy, even when I called out. Didn't bother me for a while, then it did. He has a purple collar with a bell that jingles most of the time and usually is around me. So I called and yelled and...

Tommy has not been an outside cat, but we've gone out, and I've made sure he knows how to get back in through the cat door. It appears that he will LOVE out. He is declawed in the front.

So....I yelled for long, long minutes, went out and yelled, looked around everywhere I could in the house and called. Went out and called.

Got very frustrated. I'd loaded Heart Change on my laptop so I could work on it after breakfast.

Repeat all the looking several times. Checked the small space between the gate (which he was walking on day before last), went into the scary basement.

Whole time I was wondering how I'd tell the adoption center I'd lost him. Thought about getting another cat. I simply couldn't do it, especially since Mistral is still sick and slow (doing better...).

I couldn't work. Simply could not work through the wondering. So I decided to eat, then put on real shoes as opposed to crocs and walk the neighborhood. Upstairs putting on shoes when I hear a little jingle. I yell Tommy, can't tell over the fountain if he replied. I go downstairs and there he is. Pretty sure he was curled up somewhere I couldn't see and didn't check (though I thought I looked everywhere, but not behind the bookstand) and he, of course, did not come when he was called.

Moral of the story...sometimes you CAN'T write during tough times. I closed it down.

And this time change is driving me crazy, like I lose an hour EVERY DAY. I used to get up at six thirty, mess with the cats, work and it would be a reasonable time when I was done. Now it is a much later time since I'm still waking at the same time. I really resent the loss of the hour in the morning. Urgh. Not sure what I will do about it, set the alarm (though I haven't been sleeping well).

So that's my story. I ate a Parmesian cheese bagel and cream cheese and now feel exhausted and it's already past noon and I should be gearing up for my afternoon session, or at least look at my emails.

May you have no scary moments today.


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