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Saturday, March 15, 2008

Maps -- Celta


I drew the Celta map by hand, then transferred it by my profantasy software, Campaign Cartographer. Well, my map has a portion of two western continents, and now I need a world -- or at least the eastern part of the continents.

I use Fractile Terrains to create my worlds.

I suppose I could ask the profantasy group how to do this, but I've decided I'll be generating worlds with Fractile Terrains that look somewhat like my map, then save those and superimpose my map on the eastern part. Hope that works, but, again, this is FUN stuff for me (and I've done my wordcount for the day).

May you get to do fun stuff today.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Look forward to seeing the results of your efforts creating maps. Does this inspire you with the stories?

6:22 PM  
Blogger Robin D Owens said...

Regarding inspiring, yes I think about things, like why did Nuada's Sword (the ship in Druida City), land where it did, close to mountains, might have been iffy. (Came up with a reason that was obvious in my head since I knew the backstory).

I've worked on this 4-5 more times, at first the continent looked a lot like a donut, but now it's more raggedy and landlike.


12:27 AM  

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