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Tuesday, March 18, 2008

What are YOUR buttons? Themes

Sometimes when I get a 2 on amazon, I know it's because I pushed someone's buttons with a story, examined some aspect of a theme that made them uncomfortable. That doesn't bother me.

After reading a lot I've been thinking about themes again. One of my favorite authors has a "you can't save everyone" theme, rather like my "everyone makes a fatal mistake, some of us are called on it, some not."

But it made me wonder what in that author's background made her explore the theme, usually it IS personal. With my own, above, there was a series of three stupid accidents in a week a while back, each one of them could have killed me. Or I think of the high school athlete who has been tapped by the pros, does drugs for the first time and dies. Or people misjudging distances/speed while driving (saw some cases like this when I was a paralegal).

Not sure why I'm always changing names/identities, except that I've never cared for Robin (like Rob better), and when I was 10 I decided my soul wasn't really from Earth (a phase), everything in my life seemed so strange. But then I didn't have a normal childhood.

So think about it.
May you have no unhappy revelations today.


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