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Sunday, March 09, 2008

Spring and Work and Losing Time

Time is moving strangely again for me. And even with my little daily hand-rotating calendar (month, day, year), it doesn't feel like Sunday. Sunday I meet folks for brunch...sometimes. Last Sunday was cold and snowy and I didn't go. Today is warmer and I'm actually watching a woodpecker on my office windowsill munching some old food I put out there. I think it's the only creature that knows it's there.

So I'll be heading for brunch in about half an hour. I'm done with my Singer For a World/Echoes In the Dark/Echoes of the Dark wordcount for the moment (I have days to make up).

I hope to work on some scenes in Heart Change later and get the writing part of the proposal done. The synopsis is already done since I sent in the very first scene (short) with the last 2 books to try and sell 3.

Heart Journey's pages are done, but not the synopsis. I'm going (as always) to try something new to see if I can do the synopsis more easily (probably not).

For the first Luna books, it literally took three months to work up pages and a proposal. Of course my agent said it was the best she'd ever seen (I still have the email), but I can't afford that amount of time.

Here's the contest question and I really like it!

9. FOOL'S GOLD takes place in the Superstition Mountains of Arizona. What famous "lost" mine is featured in the story? Answer at www.erickascott.com

May you enjoy your day, work or play.


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