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Sunday, August 17, 2008


You really need to have your office set up so you will work in it. Not too messy if that bothers you, or not too clean, ditto.

I have a floating keyboard, and once had a floating monitor. I'm careful of the lighting.

That said, I now must root out my office because it has gotten too full of PAPER. All sorts of stuff, website stats for years (I used to be diligent about checking weekly), first reviews of HeartMate, reference books, blank paper, lined paper, calendars...portfolios of projects, contracts, supplies. You name something in an author's office and I bet I'll have it. Stickers, certificates, the odd mask and stuffed animals (2 teddy bears, my bunnies and a snake crochetted by my grandmother). Hats, red velvet witches hat with gilt accents, and mickey mouse ears....


Did I mention 3 sides of my offic has bookselves?

Anyway it's time. Look around your office and consider what might be holding you back from writing there. Is the computer too slow to load? The light not right? The chair? You do all your banking and promo on it and associate it with loss of money? You have other stuff in it?

So, make sure your comfortable, but your office is still a place that you want to be.

May you be comfortable today.


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