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Saturday, August 09, 2008

Believing the Myth

This is something that someone else I met at RWA said and I'm passing along. I think it was one of our local Colorado Romance Writers' chapter members.

One of our well known and multi-published authors is changing from romances to thrillers. When comment was made, someone said that she didn't think the author believed in the myth anymore...the romance myth. That there is someone for everyone and a happily ever after for everyone. And writing in a genre where you don't believe in the myth is difficult, especially if you're expected to deliver that myth with conviction. The author is single and I think has given up on a true mate.

Most genres have myths. For instance, mysteries have the myth that murders will be solved; thrillers that the world will be saved; fantasy (regular, not dark), ditto. Say, if you were involved in a hideous crime and the murder was never solved, or if solved the murderer went scott free. Would you be able to write cozy mysteries where everything is wrapped up neat and tidily? I'm not sure.

So, speaking personally, I still believe in the myth.

May you enjoy your own myths today.


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