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Sunday, August 10, 2008

Keeping Comments

I was sifting through the layers on my dining room table, handling the last batch of critique group comments (more clarification and motivation needed), when I came across about thirty double sided pages.

Comments from my editor on Echoes In The Dark. GOOD comments. Little hearts, a "good" or two...etc.

Yeah, I saved them, will probably keep them.

When I first started writing I saved all my "good" pages. In fact, since I had the time, I printed out a clean copy of some of my books, color coded my critique buddies, and transferred comments from the pages to the copy. I think I have the full copy of HeartMate this way, and comments nearly every page, since some things strike only one person, and some hit everyone. I don't think I've looked at these for years.

Not sure if this was excessive, but it helped me get through the unpublished time. So, if you need to, keep your comments. But, again, know that inner validation is the very best.

May you be pleased with yourself today.


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