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Saturday, August 16, 2008


I'm not sure whether I will say this right, but here goes. There is an excellent line of thought that if a hero will NEVER do something, that's what you should twist circumstances to do. For instance, if a hero would never betray his honor, have him make a choice to betray his honor to save the heroine. (That make sense?)

This is, of course, from those who really like to make things worse and worse and worse for their characters and twist your heart with angst. I'm only a so-so angst person. I once read a wonderful Elizabeth Lowell book, but I swear that woman tormented her heroine until I couldn't bear it. I now look at my Elizabeth Lowell books very carefully. And, BTW, I think one of the best romances ever written was by Elizabeth Lowell and called Tell Me No Lies.

Anyway, a warning, I have been twisting Tinne Holly up over the last several books and when you get to Heart Fate, he'll have the worst day EVER. It's the most I've ever tortured a person.

So, following the dictum above, I thought that if I wanted to really show what Tinne was made of I should have him betray his honor. The problem is, he wouldn't. Not after all that has happened to him and his Family since his parents betrayed THEIR honor. Tinne would literally DIE before he betrayed his honor. So, sometimes that wouldn't work.

Anyway that's the thought of the day (or at least of Thursday night to be posted on Saturday am). May you have excellent food for thought today.


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