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Saturday, August 23, 2008

Daily Writing Life -- Saturday

Critique today which went fairly well. Took chapter 2 of Heart Change, they want a little bit cut and the rest of the scene punched up, my mentor, she of the action -- wants more description. So, not too difficult but I've only made 1/2 my wordcount for today and want a nap, then to get back to the current scene.

That's the writing.

The air pattern over Denver has changed and now planes or helicopters are flying over the house. A couple of days ago I heard a sonic boom. I definitely need to figure out my driving patterns so I don't go down Speer near the Pepsi Center and, Heaven forfend, don't go near Mile Hi Stadium when Obama is speaking. Both are a few miles from my house.


But I'm cranky and tired and want a nap now, so I'll spoon out more food for Tommy (who has continued to break up my sleep cycle in the wrong spots), and listen to the Thistle and Shamrock which is defining Celtic Music this week and next. And forget about the jerk with "Recreate 68" who said he was protesting Obama when the guy started the whole damn thing before Obama was nominated. The Democrats are NOT the war party this time, let him go and protest in Wisconsin. Waste of good NPR airtime given to him and I'm ashamed he's a Denverite like me. **snort**

May you have a good weekend. I'll be fine after my nap.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Have you ever listened to Alistair Fraser and Natalie Haas? They have two albums out, the second album is called Fire and Ice. I am sure I have spelled the last names wrong. They are fiddle and cello and some great listening music.


6:45 PM  
Blogger Robin D Owens said...

I'll take a look for them. I must admit I listen on the radio and computer and usually buy from emusic.


8:11 AM  

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