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Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Cutting Threads

Done with work for the night. Yesterday and today have been very long days, working on the copy edits of Echoes in the Dark. My editor didn't like the way I handled something, so I decided to cut that particular thread...or minimize it at least. I think trying to do it right in the space and time I have is impossible.

I DID get the edits a little while back -- during Worldcon, and they are due Friday, but I thought they would be cleaner than they are. Some of my typo mistakes are there, but some new ones, too, so someone typed the sucker in, I think. Not to mention cutting the thread (this is a whine....). So the thread comes out and that means I have to follow it through and change it every time it appears.

Advice for the day, make sure you follow your threads through if you have to revise them.

That said, I am up to the middle of the battle, which means I'm only thirty pages from the end or so. The end of the book goes really, really fast (that is a warning). I want to do a little more with them, and my editor added some sentences previously where SHE wanted a little more something, so I will probably go back and revise those bits, too.

Anyway, I'm tired, so it's off to bed. Echoes In The Dark should definitely be gone tomorrow and reach the proper offices at the appointed time.

May you enjoy your work.


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