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Monday, March 24, 2008

Stress & Trips

Well, it wasn't the battery cables as I found out when I was zooming along I-70 at 8 am yesterday and the car completely died 1 mile east of Deer Trail at mile marker 331.

My cell hadn't been getting roaming so I called 1911, said it wasn't an emergency, the local police passed me onto the state patrol and they patched me into AAA who came about 45 minutes later (the state patrol did check up on me). It was cold. I was under my towing limit, thankfully at $4 a mile, and had the car towed to the front of my house and crashed.

Got a call from my massage therapist confirming I would look after her cat next Sun, Mon, Tues. A couple of hours later it occurred to me that I'd be able to take the bus for this. It will take a while, but I might be up for something like that after the road trip with my bro, Mom, and 2 nieces (yes, it has grown and I am unsure of my temper in a packed car, so I'll have to work on that).

We're off to CA in an hour and I am repacking. I'm also hoping the cats will be fine, though my cleaning person is coming today along with one visit of the cat person this evening, then 2 visits of the cat person. Mistral is behind the bed, Tommy atop it.

I'm still a little short on sleep, so I guess I'll finish packing and prop myself up on the couch until all arrive.

May you have a wonderful week.


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