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Sunday, March 30, 2008

Back for the Moment

Well, I'm back, Mistral is still breathing heavily and Tommy is still too skinny and it looks as if they haven't made friends.

But I'm home. I got the heebie jeebies today, I think from reading some of Kay Hooper's work and letting my mind run away from me. I was worried about crossing Vail pass, and we did run into snow and have some hairy moments (as my bro put it). SOooo, envisioning the worse that could happen with a car filled with my family then coming home to my own car that won't run -- now seems minor.

I did have some good news...no, neither Heart Dance nor Protector of the Flight qualified for the RITA, too bad, so sad. **SIGH** Thought Protector of the Flight had a chance. Anyway, I left Limon last week before the art auction and my piece of art (King of Clubs with Lock and Key) actually went for the most! Seven whole dollars (I think the highest has been $12). I think Rose must have saved it for last...those tend to go for more, and it WAS my only piece.

I received the copy edits from Heart Fate...no matter whether you're unpublished or published, when you see a very fat envelope you know it is a manuscript. So I'll work on that the next couple of days before I dive back into Echoes in the Dark (Singer for a World, the last Luna book).

I just got home about 40 minutes ago and waited up to write this, didn't search for the missing file.

May you have a serene day.


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