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Friday, March 28, 2008

On the Road Home

I'm at Desert Hot Springs in a hotel restaurant, so I'll keep it brief. Have done very little work (maybe a paragraph of a synopsis). Might have done better if I had the file I thought I did, but I'm pretty sure my next chron file is on the desktop since it isn't on my laptop or THREE flash drives I brought.

Also, trip was a bust. Mom, partially deaf, did NOT call ahead to find out what was needed re: legal documents, also, had my signature on file so I didn't really need to be here. No real problems except I'm worried a little about my cats and would have liked to take care of the car asap. Anyway, that's that.

I AM tired, we've been running around, didn't have internet at the house and the local library had hours so limited there was always a choice of spending time with the family or doing something else and being stranded without a car.

Hope I don't sound too whiny, on the whole it was a good trip.

Take care, and always check your files before you go, or, like, copy the whole damn folder. May you have a lovely, sunshiny day.



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