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Sunday, July 29, 2007

Stuff & Art & Singer for the World

First, been reading authors' loops about RWA and happenings there that were mildly interesting to me, since only mildly interesting, I'm not going to discuss.

Next, I CAN DO ART. I am a spectacular failure at: drawing, sculpture, jewelry, painting, shadow boxes... I think those are the things I've tried.

BUT I CAN DO TIE-DIE! I am EXCELLENT at tie-die. Do not ask me why, but my new shirt is colorful and has a sunburst in the middle and interesting patterns, etc. I was one of the best at the tie die party (of course the child did THE best). It is my new favorite shirt and I'll be putting it on shortly and wearing it for brunch.

Now, I took Singer for the World's first pages to critique and it happens in a theater and I did NOT nail the setting part, so instead of being 9 pages, it will be at least 10, and Jikata will be in Lladrana by the end of of that, fairly quickly. Writing Luthan's scene today, and I hope I can remember the points that occurred to me in the bathtub yesterday.

May you get your setting and descriptions right today.


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