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Saturday, July 21, 2007

Good night, good morning

I am not in a Harry Potter buying line. I am home and have just finished line editing the old page 300 of Keepers of the Flame, which is the last page of a chapter. It ends on a very good hook.

I'll fall into bed soon, and have set my clock to go get Deathly Hallows at 6am. Free food, too, and fellowship. A place to show off my Keepers of the Flame cover (should I remember to take it with me), Denver Book Mall.

May actually stay up and read the book, though this transferring from paper to computer is not going nearly as quickly as anticipated. The work at Common Grounds was horribly slow. Too busy, too noisy and with the lap top. For word and phrase cutting and pasting a mouse and desktop is better.

Well, it's half past 12 and 5:40 will come soon, so good night or good morning, may you enjoy your reading and writing today.



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