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Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Keepers of the Flame Ad

The first thing I did yesterday was to do an ad for Keepers of the Flame for the Romance Sells booklet RWA sends free to booksellers and libraries. I was a day late, but managed to squeeze in anyway, the wonder of electronic communication.

The ad isn't fabulous, but it will be fine. It's the longest ad, at 250 words, that I place. I'll have to get my head around it for 50 words for local mailers.

Next, I worked on my email, and got out three electronic ARCs for reviewers so the next time an ad rolls around I can say something specific about Keepers.

Owens' worldbuilding skills are quite evident, and she continues to deliver stories that are
heartfelt and intensely riveting. – Romantic Times

With the perfect blend of love, honor and magic, I can't resist a book by Robin Owens -- Gina Showalter

This is among the most joyful series of novels in any genre...when the ending page arrives, YOU feel the Snap, pulling you reluctantly back to the real world. Ms. Owens has mastered characterization, interweaving the lives of previous main characters with those of the new expertly, so you meet new friends and catch up on the old. – Amanda Killgore, Huntress Reviews

Two Sisters Born To Serve...

The sorcerers of Lladranan have already Summoned three women to help fight the evil attaching their world. Yet their fourth Summoning brings the unexpected – twin sisters. And ones with strong ties to Earth.

Both have a special gift to heal. But while Brigid Drystan has explored that gift through unorthodox means, Elizabeth has poured herself into getting a medical degree and denying her powers.

Now stuck in a strange land, fighting a plague sent by the Dark to weaken Lladrana, they must use all their resources to save lives. And one twin will risk her own on an experiment that might doom them both....

Of Protector of the Flight: Fans of Anne McCaffrey and Mercedes Lackey will appreciate the novel's honorable protagonists and their lively animal companions. – Publishers Weekly

Excerpts, cut scenes, monthly contest at http://www.robindowens.com

That's the business, baby.
May you insert creativity in your business today.


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