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Sunday, July 22, 2007

Harry Potter, Worldbuilding

I think that a brainstorming and critique group would have served Jo Rowling well. I DON'T think that introducing main elements in the last book of a series (or the second to last) is a good thing. That is NOT a good worldbuilding rule.

It is a short set up and deprives the reader of aha! moments as they go along.

I WILL say that for experienced writers and critical readers, Deathly Hallows may very well fall short since their expectations were so high.

For me, the book was ok. Not quite good enough to pay for the eight hours I took to read it at this time, since I have my own massive book due.

There was some contradiction in her rules of magic, which bothered me, and Hermione didn't seem to remain true to herself. Just general stuff, and plot switches where I thought "where did that come from?" "why did that happen?" "how could that happen?"

I really wish she'd had an editor who'd have asked those questions, too.

I am profoundly grateful for my mentor and critique buddies.

May you enjoy expressing your creativity today.


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