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Thursday, July 26, 2007

Refilling the Well -- Year to Date Wordcount

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I haven't been doing much the last couple of days. I'd like to go away for the weekend (or maybe sometime next week). I actually have Social commitments. The bi-annual tie dye creativity night (which I've only made once), on Saturday night and mid-week next week one of my neighbors is actually opening his art quilt studio space! Can't miss that!

But I think that going away for a couple of days is a Good Thing. A person needs to refill the creativity well. Before I started seriously writing, I would Go Away to Estes Park with a stack of books, and that sounds fine. Drive through Rocky Mountain National Park (once I rented a moped). Walking around Bear Lake sounds good.

It's true that creative wells need refilling, and even a little break should do it.

I totalled up my yearly word count and it's about 177,000 (I haven't been keeping good records, but that's Keepers of the Flame rough minus the pages I did in 2006 and Heart Fate in the month or so before I sold Keepers on a short deadline). Breaking it down it's about 867 words a day which doesn't look so good. Eh.

My rationalization is that my brain gets tired...

Anyway, that's that, and now I'll eat breakfast and tidy the desk and work on Singer For A World proposal. I've gotten a new first line and though it's awkward, it will get me started. Critique group Saturday, so 10 pages needed.

May you be pleased with your work or your rest today.


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