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Friday, July 20, 2007

Keepers of the Flame, Harry Potter, Etc.

Just think, tomorrow at this time will have thousands of blogs up on Harry Potter. I wonder if Jo Rowling is worried at all. She finished Harry in January, so, as an author, I think she'd be ready for this big push, then rest a while (or has been resting). Don't think I'll get to a party tonight, but may make the party at 6 am tomorrow.

The first edits of Keepers of the Flame are done, and I've started transferring. I'm up to chapter 10 and 136 pages (my chapters have been running 12-18 pages). I still like the end part best. I glanced at my mentor's stuff (first few pages) and haven't incorporated them yet. First I want to see how much this will cut.

I know she had a few questions that I might not have addressed yet, and I still have to weave a thread into the first part of the book.

I don't think the book has one lyrical passage in it, I don't have the space for that. I'm not too happy with the workman like language, but it will have to stay. I think adding the plot from what would have been another book added about 125-160 pages to this one. I think I'll have more room in the last for both plots because it was a simpler story, go to the Dark and kill it!

Also, twins. Two character arcs, two love stories, haul in the old characters (you don't see much of Calli and Marrec in this one).

I've kept close to home this week, so I'm really thinking I'll take my humongous manuscript down to Common Grounds, grab a table by the window and work.

May your own work excite you today.


Blogger talia pente said...

But how much of Faucon?????

Which, of course, is whave EVERYONE wants to know.



6:37 AM  
Anonymous a reader said...

I am a bit confused about your Lladrana books.. I thought there would be five. Is Keepers of the Flame the last one now?

8:18 PM  
Blogger Robin D Owens said...

Talia, Faucon is very, very prominent in Keepers of the Flame, in fact he is a POINT OF VIEW CHARACTER.

Reader, you are absolutely correct. I had intended there to be 6 Lladrana books, but there will be 5, therefore the original #5 is gone and a shortened plotline will be included in #4 and #5. Hope this makes sense.


9:03 PM  
Blogger talia pente said...




6:57 PM  

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