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Friday, March 30, 2007

Unconscious Writing -- Set up/Doubt

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I've been second guessing myself while writing Keepers of the Flame, over-thinking, trying to rationally figure out what scenes and information I should give one twin or the other, whether I should have two scenes individually instead of combining them.

This IS part of writing, of technique, but I don't think it's helpful for me at this time, during the rough draft (though I don't revise as often as some people). And it might also be fear, or rationalization taking over so I don't write.

I've talked about trusting yourself before, and the rough draft is truly the time for this. I'm balancing many things in this book. I want people to wonder whether both twins will stay on Lladrana or go, or one will stay, and if so, which one. So that's tough. I'm adding a subplot that will squeeze in a portion of what would have been a book on its own. So I tend to think and think instead of just write and trust myself, and if there's problems clean it up later.

I KNOW that the subconscious orders things in writing that the rational mind not pick up on. And I know this doesn't just happen to me. Many years ago I was in a freewriting class and in the sharing part someone exclaimed that she'd been stuck on a clue in her mystery, then realized she'd already set it up many pages before and just needed to reveal it now.

That's always incredible for me, that you/I can trust our instincts. But it's true. It's also harder to do than say. I remember being worried about this -- getting all my subplots in and ordered -- in Heart Dance, so this isn't a new anxiety.

So, once again, trust yourself and your unconscious. Things will be there when you need them. Or at least get words on the paper, and fix it later.

May you feel only satisfaction with your writing today.


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