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Sunday, March 25, 2007


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Just finished my morning page count and I'm good, and hoping to get back on some sort of schedule since I've fallen behind during the last couple of weeks.

This morning is Sunday brunch with my extended family/friends (all members or ex-members of DASFA, Denver Area Science Fiction Association) and we are doing dim sum which we do about once a year. Not my favorite, but the restaurant is on my side of town so it will be quicker to get to, and it opens a half-hour later.

I think I'll post one of my favorite links (all right, I check in quite often and have notified them twice when the winds have messed up the camera). It's a live cam in England, so it's hours ahead of those of us who live in the States, so be aware of that if you try and access it late afternoon, you'll probably see nothing but darkness over the lake...

http://www.armathwaite-hall.com/hotel_webcam.html (oh, man, there are sheep!)

May nature inspire you today (it's sunny after a rainy night here).


Blogger Mishalak said...

I didn't know you do not care for dim sum... Well, next time I get the urge to have something other than good friends I'll need to get a suggestion from you. Probably around August.

12:39 AM  
Blogger Robin D Owens said...

Matthew, I was there, wasn't I? I like the pork rolls and the sesame rolls, those mushroom thingies were pretty good, too.

I'll always go, it's just not my favorite sort of food.


7:33 AM  

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