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Thursday, March 22, 2007

Writing Day -- March 07

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at PhotobucketAll right, this is off the cuff a little after midnight, I'm tired, and my body aches from the excellent massage and sitting in the chair a while. I KNOW I need to re-arrange my office a little, my monitor is too far away, so I hunch toward it to see it well. I raised my floating keyboard so I can reach my mouse easier, and I'd like the overhead light switch to be fixed.

Both cats are here though they think it's long past the bedtime, Mistral (Samba in Heart Thief) on my desk space on my left and Bittersweet (Myx in upcoming Heart Dance), is on the top level of my kneeling chair under the bottom of the U shape of the desk. I'm actually sitting in a slightly padded metal folding chair. Such is the glamorous life of the writer.

Writing day: Nothing except this blog on THURSDAY. Wednesday I worked on three scenes for Keepers of the Flame, as well as the map. The scenes are late in the book, probably after the 3/4 point, or even later, maybe in the last couple of chapters. I will probably be leaving some of the romance between a couple hanging from book 4 to book 5. Still working on that since the story arc changed.

I approved the cover copy yesterday, but my editor requested another set of additional descriptor adjectives so I brainstormed with my mentor and came up with a couple, we'll see if they fly later today. Luna has been great with the back cover copy. I had the most input in Sorceress of Faith.

I paid my dues to the Celtic Hearts chapter of RWA (how could I NOT belong to that chapter?), transferred some files back and forth from desktop to laptop.

I helped my mentor get into the online art system for our publisher and fill out the art sheet. She has a book out Christmas/Winter Holidays and really wants a gingerbread village (her heroine is a baker) on the front of the book, so we EMPHASIZED that. We had a great time, talked paranormal romance (which she is writing).

And I RSVP'd for the memorial service later today. I'm beginning to feel superstitious about this. 3 memorial services this month (yeah, and we have a week more to go). All three people wanted to write and pursued that dream at different levels and in different ways. I have decided to go to this service in the hopes that it will be THE LAST for the entire year -- that's the superstitious bit.

So that was the writing part of the day. Other stuff: I answered some emails, listened to my massage therapist talk about her recent trip to New Zealand, went over and picked up my PDA which I left at my friends' where I housesat yesterday and talked to my artist friend who was housesitting today about the slowing economy.

And more, of course, siipped in here and there. All in all it was creatively and socailly satisfying, but with an underlying melancholy, as so much of life has been lately.

May you find your rhythm today.


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