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Friday, March 23, 2007

Reminder -- Backup and Organization

I usually write my wordcount on my engagement calendar. Since I also have several flash drives that I rotate, or move from laptop to desktop, I've been writing down which drive has the backup that I make at the same time I write (you know, that wordperfect macro thing that saves to the hard disk and the floppy/flash at the same time). Also the file name.

So it would say something like 1787 Saille-Tinne, Black 64M (January 23). This way if I recall writing about Saille talking to Tinne, but I might also have included a few notes on the book at the same time in that document, I know what to look for not only on my computer, but in the hard-copy or on the flash.

Just saying...you know your habits best. Back up.
May you have no computer issues in the foreseeable future.


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