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Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Different Worlds

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I'm not talking about Earth and Celta and Lladrana. I'm talking about the different circles we occupy, who we hang with. I was in a sorority when I was in college. We didn't have a house, we had a room. I spent occasional nights on a wonderful blue sofa there (sometimes drunk).

I got their ("their") quarterly magazine and took a look at it. A current "sister" at my old alma mater had a page on her for volunteering in Africa, helping HIV/AIDS women. Wow.

But as I flipped through, I was reminded that some people took this very, very seriously. It is the main social circle of their life. Like writing, or my brunch group (Denver Area Science Fiction Association ex-or-current members) is mine. But it sure looked alien to me.

The moral of this story is that if you're a writer, make sure you get writing support and meet like minded people. If you're an avid reader, do the same.

And it doesn't really matter WHICH group you're hooked up with as long as they're supportive of you and your dreams and you have a like passion.

May you or your characters step out of your social circle today and take a look around.


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