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Saturday, February 17, 2007

Physical Tools

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I have an inexpensive lamp that is supposed to be full spectrum sunlight. Yesterday the bulb fried and cracked. Lately I've been at my computer -- to work and play -- a lot and suffering eye strain. I decided I wouldn't work in the semi-dark since my lamp was out and waited until there was enough natural light in the office to type well.

Be careful of yourself, and know what tools (like my lamp) you need to work well. A replacement bulb is already on its way.

I was also wondering what I would do if I had no computer. I would still write of course, with pen and paper, but my play habits would change. I'd read more -- though I find that reading can make my thumbs and wrist hurt as much or more than keyboarding -- I'd collage more. I won't say that I'd get out more as it snowed AGAIN last night. We're getting snow every week. Urgh.

So may your physical tools let you write seamlessly today.


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