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Sunday, February 11, 2007

Point of View

Photobucket - Video and Image HostingI was recently reading an old romance and the only point of view was the heroine's. I found I liked this book much less than I originally had just because of that fact.

With one point of view, it easier to keep secrets from the reader, and easier to engender misunderstandings. Misunderstandings aren't often used in romances any more, just because in a good relationship one of the couple SHOULD be able to say "I have a problem." And the other should be able to address it, clear it up.

In my Heart books I've kept the point of view to just the hero and heroine, though there has been a large cast. In the Summoning books, I've allowed myself more freedom, they are fantasy with romantic subplot, so in Guardian of Honor I have Alexa's, Bastien's, Thealia's and Luthan's. In Sorceress of Faith I have Marian's, Jacquar's, and Venetria's. In Protector of the Flight I have Calli's, Marrec's and Alexa's.

Though a book can be richer for the varying points of views, it can also take away the intensity and focus.

So far the choices in point of view, for me, have been easy. I was one of those who "head-hopped" in her first manuscript all over the place, and became disciplined by critique group. Since then I haven't thought much about how many points of view I will have but have let it come naturally. I know other authors who have experimented with points of view until they found the right way to tell a story.

May you enjoy whatever point of view you explore today.


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