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Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Apologies - Scenes

I didn't realize I didn't post yesterday until I saw this. I think I thought I posted.... In any event, I've been walking around in a small haze, doing some last minute promotion for Protector of the Flight, life errands (today, too) before we get blasted with snow tomorrow and frigid below zero temps on the weekend.

And talking to my mentor about her proposal for a paranormal romance, and scenes in Heart Fate. I've already had a very wrenching scene in Heart Fate and it looks like I'll need another (any way she said "that will be a very powerful scene" which means I probably can't skate over it).

I hate when powerful scenes are skated over. I was reading a vampire romance that had several points of view, including a secondary/previous hero, and the first confrontation with the evil villain stalking the heroine was not shown. Big fight, not shown. I don't know why, whether the author was worried about word count or because she didn't want to lose the major focus on the heroine, but I felt cheated. Couple of fights in that book that were described in dialogue.

So, even though I don't particularly like writing wrenching scenes (and I hadn't planned on writing the worst wrenching scene, in Heart Choice, it just CAME so that doesn't count), I can't just skip this one. **Sigh**.

Now I REALLY have to get to the bank. The GOOD thing about the bank is that I can walk to it, even in sub-zero temps (a check is coming that will keep me for a couple of months). The bad thing about the grocery (we used to have a local grocery when I moved into the neighborhood), is that I CAN'T walk to it, and I am low on Cat Food.

May you have a good chunk of time to write today.


Blogger Michele said...

I hear you about the non existant scene that should have been.
Or when a there's a subplot or thread that never gets resolved AND if there's a sequel, never gets picked up and solved. Frustrating.

You don't have to apologize for missing one day, my goodness. You have a life too!

5:31 AM  
Blogger Robin D Owens said...

Thanks Michele,

My life has been sluggish for a week. I've decided I like Denver the way we all expect -- heavy snow for a couple of days that melts within a week of sun.

Snowing again today.


8:29 AM  
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