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Friday, January 05, 2007

Author Copies

I got my author copies for Protector of the Flight yesterday, three cases. Several are already earmarked for myself (my Author Reading Copy, which I hole-punched with a star front and back so I know), my critique group, my Mom.

Though it is half the size of Sorceress and has larger print, it also has more pages, so it is NOT a smaller read....just lettin' ya' all know. Also, I picked it up and began reading and chuckled at some turn's of phrases I forgot I did. I LIKE this book. I hope you all like it, too. -- Of course, Alexa is still over the top, so I get to play with that.

We should hear back about whether the series will continue this month, perhaps as early as next week. Digit crossing is going on.

I did get a thrill when I glanced at the top of the page and saw "Robin D. Owens." Wow, that's really ME!


Snow has socked us in again, and I dug the car out for the THIRD time today. One of the 65 completely gray days Denver has in a year. Phhhhpppptttt.

May you enjoy your writing today, in all senses of the word.


Blogger Holly said...

Can't wait for Protector of the Flight!

Fingers crossed here that Lladrana keeps on comin'!

4:33 PM  
Blogger moonhart said...

Well of COURSE Alexa is over the top. LOVE that girl!

As for themes, mine seems to be a lot about abandonment. I admit to having some issues with it. I hate the thought of being "left behind." I think it has to do with my A personality. Or maybe because during my teenage years I was NOT in the "in" group.



4:04 PM  
Blogger Robin D Owens said...

Hmmm Moon. Abandonment, that's excellent, too. I think Lahsin, Tinne's hero can be dealing with abandonment.


8:36 AM  

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