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Sunday, January 07, 2007

Titles -- Contracts -- Themes -- Covers

I've started on Tinne Holly's story, Heart Fate. Since I had problems with the title of Heart Match (which I still like, but my editor didn't), I spoke with her about Heart Fate and she liked that title.

My contract says something like futuristic romance Untitled Book 1 set on Celta and futuristic romance Untitled Book 2 set on Celta. So I wanted to clear the title before I got into the book and had to search for titles again.

Heart Dance WAS my title, and I feel proud that I not only worked that thread in, but also that I used the odd necklace on the cover a couple of times in a couple of key scenes.

The pages went easy today, but they tend to at the beginning of the book. I DO have to revise the first chapter to add more conflict (critique group, and they're right) and revise to bring Tinne's scene in line with Heart Duel. That bit is written and needs to be integrated. The first scene (Lahsin's), needs to be rewritten or a large thread added, which is more work and for later today.

Since I've been up from my regular time and it is now very late, I'll wish you all fairydust for a good title.


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