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Saturday, January 06, 2007

Time Again for Themes

Just so you know, this is a revised post. It will not be wrenching to write or read.

Times in our lives will come out in our work. In Heart Dance I dealt with time (which, if you haven't noticed, I'm NEARLY obsessed with -- and have been aware of this since college). I also dealt with death, and with lingering disease. I had a minor theme that I've done before come up too: Everyone makes mistakes that can be fatal to themselves or others (usually when young, I once did a poll of my critique group and got 100%).

And, now that I think of it, I might have gotten the NEAR obsession with time with the theme I dealt a little bit in Protector of the Flight. When I told my brunch group (mostly geeks) that I was going to write about a barrel racer. One of my friends got this confused look on his face and said, "But -- WHY?" I said, "It's the father thing." He nodded, "Yes, you writers work your problems out in books." And I suppose he's right.

Calli's father is not my father. He's much worse on the emotionally abusive end, and this will be touchy for my Mom, but at least the man is WORSE. I wonder if we will talk about it. We don't, usually.

Anyway, my father was a stage father, picture the mother in Gypsy Rose Lee's Coming Up Roses (I think that's the musical, naturally I haven't watched it more than once). So most of my childhood time went to fulfilling my father's wishes and needs. I had little "time" of my own. Usually I could get away with reading, as long as it wasn't conflicting with something we HAD to do, like trampoline practice every night after school.

Ok, as an old friend said, enough with the violins. That's why I write about time. Thanks for being my counsellors.

Someone else said something like that when an author writes a book, it's like putting their bare a** in the wind. I think that's true, too. Eight books and one novella later, and I am still exploring my own issues.

My mentor, who read Heart Dance, seems to think it's all about Honor. It is about family responsibility, too. Yeah, I have a lot crammed into that book.

May you cover your a** and not look quite so bare today.


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