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Monday, November 06, 2006


World Fantasy only lightly schedules programming (1 track, perhaps 2 and readings), so most folks can hang out and network. The books in the bags were heavy, and there's a table to exchange if something doesn't look good to you and you don't want to haul it home (I placed some there and they were gone in 5 minutes). The green room was excellent with just enough food (though they ran out of black tea except for leaf and didn't have any strainers), really, the green room was excellent.

The con suite had loads of food, sometimes was rowdy as people ebbed and flowed, sometimes great for a quiet moment. I had some good conversations there.

Since, I believe, each convention committee (concom) is different because it's hosted in different cities, and the volunteers have no life outside this for some time, I must thank them for an incredbile job.


The art show was small but with very professional work, most of it out of my price range, though I did buy two prints for the office.

I rather wished the dealers room sold more than books, but that's my preference.

That's the set up for a sf/f convention.
Thanks again to the concom.

May you be well appreciated today.


Blogger Michele said...

sounds like a tiring but good and worthwhile time.

Wow, you are busy.

Can't wait for your next book.
You keep getting better and better as you get deeper into your worlds.


7:51 PM  
Blogger Robin D Owens said...

Thanks, Michele. When I am in deep doubt about my writing, I think it isn't that I'm getting better, it's that readers are finally figuring out the muddle of my worlds...


5:12 AM  

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