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Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Big Business

This morning I haven't thought about what I should talk about. This is Nanowrimo (probably not spelled correctly) where people commit to writing a book. I only learned of this November obsession AFTER I was published by my friend Richard, who recently (last week) had part of his brain cut away. I don't know if he will ever write again.

And I didn't mean to say that, but apparently it's on my mind. His family is being very frustrated by the health care bureaucracy. I heard that the insurance companies have come together with a plan for universal care but won't announce it until after the elections. And I wonder how much this plan will put in their pockets. Maybe like social security where a little of your paycheck goes to them.

But I think I'll get off politics. I know people don't agree with me and this is supposed to be about writing and publishing.

Remember that publishing is a business, and for big publishers it's a big business. No matter how an author WANTS to forget this, it is always about product and the bottom line and no one in the publishing business forgets that, including your editor.

The honeymoon eventually ends, the shine goes flat. I tried to keep the shine on as much as possible, hated hearing bitter writers talk when I was in my first daze of delight of selling. Believe me, I am not nearly as bitter or cynical as many writers.

But you can't ignore the business when your dreams and the reality of publishing collides. Keep the faith, believe in yourself.

May your day be full of the pleasure of writing.


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