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Sunday, October 29, 2006

06 Mile Hi Con 2

I waited a little yesterday for the wallet calendars to come and barely made it in time for Jane's corsetry seminar. Excellent presentation as always about corsets v. bustiers, the garment through the centuries and corset myths -- i.e. an orthopedic surgeon has researched medical procedures back to the Victorian age and has found no records of rib removal which would have been a Very Big Deal back then.

My moderation of the Writers From Mars, Plot Lines From Venus, was good. About men writing sex/romance in sf/f. I did not fall down on the job.

My Mom called right before I left for the con. "Oh, someone is there? A person is still alive in that household?" This is what I get if I've been incommunicado lately. If I call, it's "Oh, who is this? A daughter? I have a daughter? Fancy that." I asked her for a ride to the airport at 5 am next week.

I've gained an extra hour this am and plan to use it writing before I go into the con and hang, then pick up my little promo stand and leftover calendars. I didn't bid on any art this year. Nothing caught my interest so I became obsessive about it.

I'll be writing early every morning, I think.

May your writing day go smoothly.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing your experiences at the convention. Woul love to hear your comments on some of the differences between S/F romances written by men or by women. Find the subject interesting and different point of views are very interesting!

10:48 AM  
Blogger Robin D Owens said...

I think that good writers can empathize with the opposite sex. We can talk about this later, I hope, putting it on my list of topics...


7:24 AM  

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