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Monday, October 30, 2006

Financial Freedom

It's late and even with the time change I am up FAR too late/early, and I'd like to get this done, but what I wanted to post -- my Mile Hi Con promo or my wallet calendars, are not readily available on this computer.

What to say that will be deep and meaningful? Ahem. I heard an author say that (s)he wanted a nap, but had already checked out of the room, and when (s)he got rich and famous (went Hollywood) (s)he would rent the room for an extra day.

I think my mouth fell open. Or I goggled. This author is quite famous according to me and I'm sure my money is a lot less. But after many years and many awards, the money is still tight.

Depressing. **Sigh** Financial freedom is nothing to be sneezed at, and I keep hoping that someday my writing will support me and cats.

May you write for the love of it (and what would your characters do if they had financial freedom?)



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