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Saturday, November 11, 2006

Autumn Wishes

My day job project will definitely end by November 30 and I somehow doubt anything else will be found for me here. Not sure what my agency might have.

I was thinking today (which is incredibly warm for November, in the upper 70s) of the winter. I would LOVE to watch the snow fall and pile up in drifts and be tucked warm and cozy inside and write and work.

That isn’t going to happen. I can’t afford it – unless I cut other expenses like book promotion and make heating the house a priority. My automatic thermostat is set for 55 during most of the day with a little bit of luxury – 65 – in the morning when I usually wake and in the evening for an hour. At night, the heat drops even lower than 55. I think I have it on 50.

So I stay very bundled up. Layers. Gloves with fingertips cut off. I’m thinking of buying battery operated socks. I hate cold feet. And though I’d rather work at home, I’ll probably be searching out libraries and downtown buildings and cool (literally) coffee shops to write. The community center where I voted was drab and shabby, but it is probably warm and could provide a table and outlet.

What would your characters’ autumn wishes be?

May you gain greater insight into your characters today.


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