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Sunday, September 24, 2006


I was listening to a tape I ordered from the conference yesterday and it was the agents panel (for the agents on the panel you can check out RMFW.org) and it made me think about Heart Match. I want it to be better, as I want all my books to be better, and I want it to be unique and add something more about Celta – which I also like to do. Right now I have the social season, which readers haven’t seen, and some workings of the art world and how Saille can use his Flair to match people. But I wanted more. What makes Heart Match unique in the series?

Dufleur Thyme and her time experiments. She isn’t experimenting as often as she likes, for reasons that should be obvious to those reading my first chapter in the back of Heart Quest. So I’ve decided that she should experience the Winds Of Time more often during the book – in different ways. At least every third chapter, perhaps as often as every chapter. Just a paragraph or two that might be intriguing. That should also deepen her character or our insight into her character.

I really want this book to be good.

May your twist your story deeper today.


Blogger moonhart said...

Robin, I loved Heart Quest. I think it is now my 2nd favorite Celta book after T'ash's story. And the reason I liked it so much was because Winterberry (besides being more mature) was not the patriarch or heir-apparant of a first family. We got to see a more middle-class perspective.

The story, to me, was much more organic really bringing into play the need for respect, loyalty, and sacrifice. Adult themes. He was a man mature enough to hold himself back for good rather than force himself on his Heart Mate.

Funny, how he is related to the Holly's but almost the polar opposite of Holm (IMO.) Tinne will be most interesting since he embodies characteristics of both.

This one is definitely a keeper. Loved it.


11:54 AM  
Blogger Robin D Owens said...

Thanks, Moon. Always appreciate different readers liking different books.

By the time I get to Tinne he'll have been well and truly emotionally tortured...


7:31 AM  

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