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Friday, September 22, 2006

Finding Problems -- Master Documents

Master Documents (links of individual files) are easier to work with in Word Perfect than in Word (as usual). All my pantzer scenes go into chronological chapters, and when I finish the last chapter, I link all the chapters, expand, delete the subdivisions and there’s the book. Rough Draft 1.

I probably tinker with Rough Draft 1 three or four times before it is Rough Draft Final.

At times throughout the book, I may do master documents of what I have so far just to see how many pages I have, or correct something globally.

When I got the line edits of Protector of the Flight, there were a couple of places where Things Did Not Make Sense. So I went back to the individual Chapters (which I keep Forever). I saw where I’d moved text or deleted something. One 3 line portion got moved, the other problem sentences got cut (that is the easiest way to fix a problem. Cut it.)

So this blog is in the general topic of Keep Everything and Back Everything Up. I could have just cut what Didn’t Make Sense, but I wanted to know WHY things didn’t make sense, what I had before, if it needed to go back into the book. This time the answer was no.

May you find everything you need smoothly today.


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