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Sunday, September 17, 2006


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One of the things that can happen to a writer, especially if you are an introvert and living alone for any reason, is isolation. You can hole up in your cave/office and not interact with people. Or interact with people only on the most superficial basis.

This includes email and blogs and surfing the net. When I received my first computer with a modem, it didn't include the writing software (word perfect) that I wanted and which I'd only stressed to the company three or four times. All my writing files were in word perfect and I didn't want lotus ware to mess with them.

So I surfed the net, doing "research." It was a heady experience. Soon I found myself on a Malaysian South Seas treasure hunting site (for sunken ships). Incredible. I went everywhere, downloaded fun programs. Hooray! I was connected!

When I logged off I realized I hadn't actually CONNECTED with any living being.

So, make sure you see people, interact with them, especially friends and family. Call and hear living voices (and, yes, I am going to brunch this morning with my old group).

BTW, at the top there's one of the things I got from that Malaysian site. I'm hoping someone will know the artist. It's the basis of the jade baton in Guardian of Honor, and was used by the artist for the sword on that book.

May you enjoy the company of others today (and no one says you can't use this later in a story...)


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