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Friday, September 15, 2006

Fun or Obligation

I don't know whether I told you, but I my work cube is two over than before and close to the door. I like it better. It's closer to the kitchen but farther from the bathroom. The floor is a lot busier than the place I'd left.

Anyway, I'd put in the hours to take comp time today, then heard that one of the guy's birthdays -- a friend -- will be celebrated at 2:30. Wrecked my plans of course, but I can't miss this. I'd hurt feelings and miss cake. So I'm going in late and leaving a little early. A bath awaits.

So should I consider this fun or obligation? I think both. And what would your characters do in the same circumstances. A small test of personality I think.

And that leads me to recall (Free Your Artist) that it's time I work on the website for October. Halloween. I used to give away a copy of Christine Feehan's Dark Prince for years. But I'm not so sure. Think I'll take a look at Chapter 2-3 of Heart Quest, come up with a quote and dig around my goodie bag.

May your characters reveal unique personalities today.


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